Regional Team Championships

Regional Team Championships take place for Walk and Trot, Novice and Inter B riders.  Riders must obtain a minimum of 3 results at any of the regional competitions throughout the country.

Their results will be entered in to a regional league table and at the end of September a team of 4 riders for each region will be selected based on league placings. The teams will be made up of riders competing at WALK AND TROT, NOVICE and INTER B levels only. Teams will then go on to compete at the Regional Team Championships which will run alongside the National Championships at Oakridge Arena in Nottinghamshire on the 25-27 October 2024

Riders competing for regional teams will NOT need to hold Gold membership, usually needed to compete at a National competition however, they will be given an individual placing in the National competition results for that weekend and enter in to the National points league.

Regional team riders will also have the opportunity to take part in the Cattle phase which takes place on day 3. Results from this phase will not count towards final team or individual placings.

For the purpose of these championships the regions will be divided as follows.

  • South West - to include Wales and West Midlands
  • South East - to include London, Anglia and East Midlands
  • North West
  • North East - to include Yorkshire and The Humber

Riders in Scotland and Ireland may also qualify and if there are sufficient numbers, teams for The Midlands, Scotland and Ireland will be selected as well as the 4 main regional teams shown above.

A full list of Regional competition can be seen on our competition diary page.

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