Mini Workers

For the first time ever we are giving riders aged 7-16 the exciting opportunity to become one of our BWE "Mini Squad" riders!

10 of our approved instructors from all over the country will provide training and support to encourage young riders starting out in Working Equitation. This will of course involve commitment from riders (and parents!) to attend training days and 3 of our national competitions but it is an amazing opportunity to become part of our "Mini" community and get on the pathway that might even lead to Junior team selection one day!

Find your nearest instructor -

  • Lisa Garland (Derbyshire/Staffordshire)
  • Katherine Evans (South Wales)
  • Jane Randall (Hampshire)
  • Cassy Gadsby (Cornwall/Devon)
  • Lynne Macleod (Gloucestershire)
  • Claire Hair (Lincolnshire)
  • Holly and Sue Barber (Norfolk)
  • Sarah Baldwin (Kent/East Sussex)
  • Katharine Martin (Carlisle)
  • Steffanie Singleton (Wigan)

The "Mini Squad" rider agreement, which outlines what's involved and what will be offered can be found here -

And the application form if you wish to apply is here -

All riders of any level (including lead rein), between the ages of 7 and 16 years old may apply, selection comes predominantly down to your ability to commit to the necessary requirements.  All applicants will be given a try out, the form is just to give us a little more information about you and your pony before we see you.

Applications close on the 29th March, Good luck!