With 2024 having more to offer you as members than ever before we really hope you will join and support the association so that we can continue to grow and make the sport more accessible for you all

You can join at any time in the year and receive a years membership rather than having to renew each January. Memberbship is incredible value compared to other sports - get involved!


      • GOLD MEMBERS (previously Full - just £65) - our most complete membership. You need to be a Gold member to compete at National competitions.  Nationals take place over 2 / 3 days with two judges, results go into a league table and points qualify for National and Reserve Champion at each level. Approved instructors also require a Gold Membership.
      • SILVER MEMBERS (previously Supporter - just £45) - for riders competing at regional competitions including the team Championships. Regional events take place over 1 day. 
      • BRONZE MEMBERS (non competitors - just £20) - a new separate membership for loyal supporters of Working Equitation! Every penny helps us to grow the sport even more.
      • YOUTH MEMBER (£25) for those under 16 including the year that the rider turn 16. Allows the rider to compete in both regional and national competitions. 
      • CLUBS (brand new £150) for all approved organising bodies who wish to hold clinics / training and / or regional competitions and do so under the umbrella and with the support of ABWE. Please get in touch to discuss criteria, membership must be approved.