New South West Sponsor

We are thrilled to announce that this years regional competition sponsor for the South-West will be Equichanics - Tina Fitzgibbon. We are so pleased to have Tina on board and are hugely grateful for the support.

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities still available including regional competition sponsors for the South-East, North-East and North-West.

Packages include company name and colours on all rosettes and mentions on all related social media posts and here on the website, starting from just £150. Please get in touch with us soon if you are interested. We would also love to talk to large companies who would like to partner with the sport on a large scale. 


"I set up Equichanics to build a business based on my lifelong love of horses and my endless fascination for the relationship between people and horses.

Through Equichanics I aim to share my knowledge - gained by practical experience and long and patient study - in the care and development of horses, and their handlers in partnership"

Services offered include

  • Equine Assisted Growth And Learning
  • Equine Gait Analysis
  • Academic Tuition

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