New for 2024 - Mini Workers!

New for 2024 - Mini Workers!

Next year for the first time, we will be introducing 3 new levels for riders under the age of 16.  Here is a basic outline of how each level will be adapted 

  • Lead Rein – Ease of Handling only, assistance allowed for Gate and Vara, elimination only for 3 refusals.
  • Junior B (Walk and Trot) – No Sideways Pole, Cross pole jump, negative mark or time penalty for inability to close gate or falling of the Vara, Bell exit forward or back, Course mark deducted for crossing lines. Elimination only for 3 refusals.
  • Junior A (Walk, Trot, Canter) – Negative mark or time penalty for inability to close the gate, assistance allowed if dismounting to replace Vara/obstacle, Cross pole jump, Course mark deduction for crossing of lines. Elimination only for 3 refusals

To help our Mini Workers get to grips with these new levels and start their training, we have teamed with “The Adventures of Huckleberry Pie” to create a fun, comic style Junior handbook which can now be purchased via our website. Inside the handbook you will find the dressage test for each level, explanations of how the obstacles should be performed at each level, QR codes which will take you to videos showing you how to train the obstacles, how NOT to get eliminated and lots of other helpful hints and tips.

Lead Rein, Junior B and Junior A classes will be held at select regional and national competitions during 2024 and we hope to eventually increase to all regionals and majority of nationals.  Competitors must be ABWE members, annual Youth membership is £25 to include the year in which. the rider turns 16.

We cannot wait to see all our “Mini Workers” out in 2024!! Any questions please do get in touch

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